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  • Listening to: Dear future husband - Meghan Trainor
  • Reading: Burton racconta Burton
  • Watching: American horror Story // Steven Universe
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: hamburger
  • Drinking: water (booooring)
Ringrazio Riiko96 per il tag :hug:

Io lo farò in italiano 'cause yes--

1.) Favorite Pokemon 

Penso Vanusaur. Il mio bellissimo bambino <3

2.) Least Favorite Pokemon


3.) Favorite Starter Pokemon

Hehe, direi Bulbasaur <3

4.) Favorite Eeveelution

Flareon vince su tutto <3

5.) Favorite Legendary Pokemon

Penso Raikou, seguito da Zekrom e Gyratina

6.) Most Terrifying Pokemon?
Barbaracle mi fa paura

7.) Most Adorable Pokemon

Pumpkaboo è qualcosa di adorabile, soprattutto mini

8.) Most Amusing Pokemon

Jynx, bella la mia bambina

9.) Favorite Pokemon Type

Assolutamente il tipo spettro, seguito dal tipo elettro.

10.) Least Favorite Pokemon Type

Penso coleottero---

11.) Favorite New Pokemon From X & Y

Oddio ne ho tanti che mi piacciono-- penso--- Trevenant?

12.) Favorite Pokemon Attack

Non ne ho idea, io sono molto sull'attacco brutale, quindi, boh... “terremoto”?

13.) If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would you be?

Omg, io direi Kalos perché ci sono tutti i pokemon delle altre generazioni--- TI PIACE VINCERE FACILE?

14.) If you were a Gym Leader, what would be your specialty?

Spettro, senza dubbio.

15.) Favorite region in the Pokemon world?

Johto one love--

16.) If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon world, where would it be? 

Nella “Stanza vacua” a Kalos LOL

17.) If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be? 

Sarei un Phantump. Triste e creepy ma piccolo e carino--

18.) Favorite Gym Leader

Lt. Surge uwu/

19.) Favorite Elite 4 Member

I superquattro di Unima

20.) Favorite Champion

Adriano uwu

21.) Favorite Pokemon Professor

Omg, non lo so..

22.) Favorite Evil Team

Team Magma e Team Flare <333

23.) Favorite Rival

Gary assolutamente.

24.) A Pokemon which reminds you of a friend

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH--- Non lo so ;W; Un mio amico lo chiamano “eevee”, ma solo per il nome.

25.) A Pokemon you'd find useful in real-life

Il mio Brutus. Lo voglio.

26.) A Pokemon based on your favorite animal

Il mio animale preferito è il lama. Ech.

27.) Favorite Pokemon Game

Cristallo e Platino. La parte del mondo di Gyratina era tipo WUO--

28.) What did you nickname your rival?

Omg. Non gliene ho dato uno. Cioè, era a caso. Lol non me n'è mai fregato molto.

29.) Favorite Pokemon tune or song?

Lavandonia” x'D Ma anche la “Lugia's song” e la sigla “Oltre i cieli dell'avventura”.

30.) Most interesting element of Pokemon.
Poter avere un mondo proprio dove si è liberi.

E io taggo Bluedolphin96 e FexAsch :heart:


_Tristan Kurt_
Age: 19
Birthday: March 26
Country: Italy
Height: 1,70 m
Hair: Short, a lot of colors
Eyes: Brown
Family: Mum, Dad, one cat
Fashion: Witch and black style or totally baby and cute dress
Movies: Struck by Lightning, Thor (1,2), The road to El Dorado
Music: Fleetwood Mac, Lana del Rey, Imagine Dragons
Shows: Glee, Orange is the new Black, Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story
Games: Pokemon
Hobbies: Drawing and Writing
Actors: Chris Colfer, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Taryn Manning, Tom Hiddleston
View: Realistic-Pessimistic
Character: Introvert, Sarcastic and Loud. Crazy and Obsessive, very Cuddly.
Love: Drawing with Music, Dancing, Stay with my Friends and Mum. Sphynx and Lama. Whatching Telefilms. Supernatural and Paranormal things.
Hate: Too much things. People. Close minded people. My country. School and Schoolmates. Vegetables. Being touched.
Want to: A comic artist or a book Illustrator with a lot of cats

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